How to Fix Not Registered On Network Error


Every day many users are experiencing various errors related to Android phones. One of the faults that are quite uncommon is “Not Registered on Network”. Several Android users may have come across such obstacles and seeking solutions.

This particular error happens primarily on Samsung Galaxy mobiles. But it also occurs in other phones too. Commonly, such a kind of error occurs, when a customer tries to make a phone call or while phoning any USSD code.

What does “Not Registered On Network” Error Mean?

When you experience this error, you cannot make phone calls. This would be a frustrating condition. Furthermore, there are many reasons for it.

In a few instances, a new update may not support the mobile, so a sort of error can arise as discussed above. If the error happens following the update then it might not be your problem, so just wait.

Sometimes when you change to a different SIM card then your mobile might decline to keep an update with a provider, hence the error arises.

IMEI number is also an extra concern for the error note to occur.

How To Fix Not Registered On Network On Android?

So to help you with this error here are few solutions that will help you to fix “Not Registered on Network” on Android.

Method 1: Force Restart Device

The network problem can be settled after restarting your phone once. There may many bugs that might motivate such unforeseen issues. However, you need not worry as the problem has a simple solution.  We can fix it with a simple solution that is to restart your device.

It is a common thing that restarting a device can solve many troubles of the device and can sometimes remove bugs. Probably, this error you are facing can be solved by restarting your phone. However, if restarting your device does not work then go to the next method.

Method 2: Update Your Phone To Latest Operating System

So, after restarting the mobile, we need to verify once if the mobile requires any sort of updates. There is a possibility that If your mobile is not updated to the newest version then the before-mentioned sort of errors occur. Updating the device might solve your issue. hence try updating it. To do so follow the below instructions.

Go to the Settings option.

Next, go to the Phone option and then click on Software Update. If your device has an update, then it will show the update button. Click on it. This will update your device and check if the problem persists.

Method 3: Choose Network Manually

For issues related to networks, we can manually set the network. This might help in solving the given problem. So we need to manually change network settings.

For both Samsung users and other Android users, the instructions for network settings are the same.

Step 1: Initially, Click on the Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators

Step 2: Now choose Search Network. By doing so it will scan for the networks ready and will give you the menu.

Step 3: Next, pick the relevant network.

This method would probably solve the issue. If it doesn’t solve, then try another method.

Method 4: Switch Off All Wireless Connection

Another process is to additionally try to turn off every wireless connection one time and verify if it solves the issue.

Below the given steps will try to turn off the wireless connections from your device.

Step 1: Initially, move “Quick Selection Box” from your telephone.

Step 2: Then choose the option “Turn on Airplane Mode/Flight Mode”.

Step 3: Click on it.

Step 4: After a few seconds turn it off.

Method 5: Reinsert Battery And SIM Card

Following is a workable approach to determine a solution to the problem “Not Registered on Network” on Android is by separating the battery from the device and SIM card.

Nowadays the mobiles are developing with non-removable batteries, yet a few mobiles will have a removable battery.

If you own a removable battery, then try these two solutions instantly and observe if the issue is settled.

Step 1: Primarily, switch off the phone.

Step 2: After taking off the battery and SIM card, wait a few seconds.

Step 3: Furthermore re-insert the SIM card and battery.

Step 4: Later switch on the mobile and examine whether the problem of the “not registered on network” is settled.

Method 6: Update APN Settings

If the problem still exists you are required to attempt to update APN settings for diverse network providers and verify whether the identical problem repeatedly subsists. Here are the instructions to follow to update APN settings.

Step 1: Initially, proceed to Settings.

Step 2: Next, tick on SIM cards & Mobile Networks.

Step 3: After, click upon the SIM card provider settings

Step 4: Now continue with Mobile Networks > Access Point Names,

Step 5: Beyond you necessarily to move to the current APN to update.

Step 6: Contrarily, you may click on New App or the “+” symbol to insert APN data manually.

Method 7: Go ahead with Entering Service Mode (For Samsung Phone)

Radio signal which is associated with your mobile may sometimes cause the error. This is mainly due to the troubles related to Wi-Fi and GPS.

Therefore, under such conditions, you are required to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: First, go to Dial pad in your mobile and enter the (*#*#4636#*#*)

Step 2: A Screen will appear with a list containing phone information and Wi-Fi information.

Step 3: From those options choose “Phone information”.

Step 4: And now tap on “Run Ping Test”.

Step 5: Promptly click on the “Turn Radio Off” key.

Step 6: After that, automatically your device initiates restarting the process. Wait until it is completed and check if the problem is solved.

Method 8: Try to Install Patch After Rooting Your Device

In this process, initially, we need to root the Samsung device. This can be done by downloading any root apps from the play store. Some of the apps are One Click Root, KingRoot, and so on.

Step 1: Next Download the “Busy Box” application from Play Store.

Step 2: After it is installed, download the “Ariza patch” application. On the device open the app which was installed.

Step 3: Now click on the PATCH option to patch your device.

Method 9: Change Network Mode

We need to change the network mode to 3G only or 4G only or 2G/3G mode to verify which option operates correctly. This is so because sometimes a small change can make great differences. Attempt to alter the network because this may lead to rectify the problem by changing the networks of your device.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your device.

Step 2: Then click on Connections.

Step 3: Next, go to Mobile Networks and then to Network Mode.

Step 4: Then pick any one option among network preferences and check if any network solves the issue.

Method 10: Reset Network Settings

You need to resolve the issue by manually resetting the network settings. This one of the ways to solve the issue of the “Not Registered on Network” error on android.

Below are few steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: First, navigate to Settings on your Android phone.

Step 2: Consequently, tap on the Reset button.

Step 3: Then go to Reset Network Settings.

Step 4: After that, click on Reset settings.

Step 5: If you have any PIN for your phone enter it and click on Reset.

Method 11: Contact Service Provider

The next method to try, if you furthermore encounter an identical problem, is to reach your network provider. He might be the one who can help to rectify the problem. Frequently, the obstacle will be from the network company side.

So you need to wait until the problem is fixed. The trouble usually happens because of SIM card corruption due to scratches while interchanging on different devices. In this circumstance, you are required to reinstate the old SIM with a new one.


If you follow any of the above methods, there might be a chance of missing your essential data. We can get irritated by trying to recover the data. So in order to retrieve the data of your Android mobile, you are required to employ Android Recovery Data.

This program is used to recover the data, which is removed due to factory reset. If the information is lost, then it must be quickly recovered as this robust device examines the whole device deeply to discover the cleared data. Contacts, images, videos, documents, etc., are regained from the device.


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