7 Best YIFY Alternatives


Many torrent sites, over the past few decades, have come and gone. These torrent sites provide users to download high-quality movies and watch it over their own devices without paying a dime. But authorities somehow discovers that some illegal downloading has been processed and they would immediately shut down the domain.

There are some people who download the movie illegally and have no issue with it and there are others who are law-abiding and don’t prefer this practice. Whereas downloading content illegally would bring out light on pirating the content which is illegal to do.

Hence, the officials came out with a way to create substitute gateways that would allow illegal downloading without it coming in light for some time. One such torrent site is YIFY.

YIFY can be specified as part of a digital file. It is a torrent site that later changed its name to YTS (YIFY Torrent Solutions). The site name stands similar to that of YIFY torrent’s owner, Yiftach.

It is an online-based group for its noteworthy peer-to-peer dissemination of movie torrents. This site allows users to download good quality HD movies in small files and save it to their own devices without paying and enjoying it for free by avoiding it to watch it in theatres.

But these sites eventually affected the earnings of the business of ticket sales or DVD sales. Therefore during October 2015, the YIFY torrent sites were shut down permanently. The news grew that the site came to an end due to a lawsuit by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), accusing the website of Copyright infringement and piracy issues.

Later on, the suit was settled by signing an agreement that never came to light and was not disclosed with the terms of the agreement. In 2016 Yitfatch gave a statement to clear out the shutdown of the site as “when someone asks you to stop properly, you stop”.

You choose to go with a YIFY proxy site only when you decide or agree to bear the risk of malware or ransomware that you might encounter while surfing the site.

Top 7 Best YIFY Alternatives

The good HD quality that the YIFY or YTS sites provide you with small files might seem tempting initially but it does not ensure your device with any security. Yes, the proxy server might be safe but it does not specifically say that it is without any risks as these sites are illegal.

You must acquire some safety steps before accessing such sites because malware can even put out an attack on your IP address (Internet Protocol). Here are some alternatives to YIFY that you can try.

1. The Pirate Bay

TPB (The Pirate Bay)Was founded in 2003 by a Swedish developer, is one of the most popular mirror torrent sites. It provides you with wide online content ready to be downloaded with a single click via torrent.

The Pirate Bay had surrendered with frequent shutdowns in past decades but it continues to recover and operate through mirror sites.

It is a P2P website that allows users to get magnetic links so that it allows the peer to peer distribution to other users. Its main star point of the site is that it offers a browse feature that helps you to search your required content without wasting your time looking through the wide content available.

2. 1337X

1337 X is another alternative to TPB and provides you with magnetic links for peer-to-peer distribution. It stands among the top five piracy websites.

You can download the latest HD quality movies, TV series, animes etc. It offers you a variety of content of every genre.

This site follows BitTorrent protocol. It allows you to download free content including Hindi and other Indian language movies or shows.

The site is often accused of pirating movies and other entertainment sizes.

3. TorrentDownloads

Torrent downloads offer you every new and old collection of content. It is another popular site to provide online content.

It has a huge base of users as it provides you with an abundance of content from movies to music. In case you opt to try the best alternative to YIFY torrent, this one is the most reliable website a user can visit. Furthermore, it gives you a vast collection of torrents and links that you can even share outside the website. Although it is banned in several countries.


RARBG had made its place in the most visited torrent websites from 2014. It is an international website. It sometimes faces issues because of its piracy existence. It has a neat and simple interface.

The notorious website is very popular among users who access mirror sites or proxy servers. Although you might look for its availability in your country or you can opt for other alternatives.

It provides you to download music, games, and everything else for free.

5. Lime Torrents

Lime torrent provides every content from movies, games, and animes to 18 plus content. This site is a continued version of lime torrents. Buzz, also it is one of the high rated secure sites present currently.

The user interface is pretty easy and simple to use. Limetorrents can be used on smartphones as well as PC Devices. Just download and install bit torrent software on your devices and visit limetorrents next put out a search for the content you are looking for.

You can also download links for the file or if it has any issue with the link an error pops up on your device.

6. Torrentz2

It is the best torrent search engine available on the net currently. This site has the largest user base and is also one of the most famed networks. It lets you download all the latest HD quality music, movies, TV series all in a single place with just a single click.

It even lets you get magnet downloads which make this site with most visited one. Locating this site can be a little risky as your web connection can probably be investigated by hackers. It is also blocked in many regions by particular Governments. However, you can access this site through proxy servers or VPNs.

7. Kickass Torrents

Tickets torrents commonly known as KAT is a website operating on BitTorrent protocol. It is basically a torrent directory that provides you magnetic links ready for download.

The US government laid hold of this site in 2016 and was immediately made to shut down its server operations.

This site was launched in November 2008 and went offline in 2016. It is available in 30 plus languages. Because of security reasons the site is blocked by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox however you can stream the website through various proxy servers and VPNs.

Final Words

Torrenting being an act of piracy is undeniably still the most favorite form to get access to digital media. Despite the high risk of malware involved in surfing these sites and frequent shutdowns they managed to still stay in business.

Whereas ISPs among the whole world had faced a lot of issues with governmental pressure to shut the use of these torrent sites, many websites still remain blocked in many regions and countries.

However, people still find ways to continue the use of such mirror sites and proxy servers. One must always be careful before using illegal sites and beware of the malicious virus that might get into your devices.


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