What Are Steam Points

What Are Steam Points

As a gamer, you may be familiar with Steam, a popular digital platform that has revolutionized how we buy and play games. But did you know that Steam also has a rewards system known as ‘Steam Points’?

This guide will explore what Steam Points are, how you can earn them, and how they can be used to enhance your gaming experience.

What Are Steam Points

What are Steam Points?

Steam Points are a rewards system introduced by Steam in 2020. The purpose is to provide a way for users to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards within the platform.

These points are your ticket to personalizing your Steam profile and game chats in unique and interesting ways.

How to Earn Steam Points?

Earning Steam Points is straightforward. For every dollar you spend on the Steam platform, whether it’s buying games, downloadable content (DLC), software, hardware, application, or even in-game items, you earn 100 Steam Points.

Note that these points have no cash value outside of the Steam platform and can’t be converted back into currency or traded. However, once earned, your points do not expire and remain in your account until you decide to use them.

How to Use Steam Points?

Steam Points can be used to purchase a variety of customization items and awards from the Steam Points Shop. Here’s how you can put them to work:

Avatar Frames: You can purchase stylish frames to highlight your profile picture.

Animated Avatars: Want to bring your avatar to life? Use your points to purchase an animation.

Profile Backgrounds: Decorate your profile page with unique backgrounds available in the Points Shop.

Mini-Profile Backgrounds: These are small, sleek backgrounds for the mini view of your profile.

Chat Emoticons: Express yourself in chat with unique emoticons.

Animated Stickers: Add fun to your chats with animated stickers.

Chat Effects: Jazz up your chats with special effects that can be used to celebrate big gaming wins.

You can access the Points Shop by clicking on your points balance in the upper-right corner of the Steam interface.


Steam Points are a fun and engaging way to reward active users on the platform. They allow gamers to personalize their profiles and chats, bringing an additional level of enjoyment to the gaming experience.

Remember, the more you spend on the platform, the more you earn in Steam Points, bringing a universe of customization options right at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Do Steam Points expire?

No, Steam Points do not expire. They remain in your account until you decide to spend them.

Can I trade or sell Steam Points?

No, Steam Points cannot be sold or traded. They can only be used to purchase items from the Steam Points Shop.

Can I give my Steam Points to a friend?

No, Steam Points are not transferrable. You cannot give or lend your points to another user.

What can I buy with my Steam Points?

You can use your points to buy a variety of items from the Steam Points Shop, including avatar frames, animated avatars, profile backgrounds, mini-profile backgrounds, chat emoticons, animated stickers, and chat effects.

How do I access the Points Shop?

You can access the Points Shop by clicking on your points balance in the upper-right corner of the Steam interface.


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