How To Fix “Stopping Avast Pop Ups” Issue

Stopping Avast Pop Ups

Are you finding yourself constantly bombarded by Avast pop-ups? While Avast is a powerful antivirus tool that helps safeguard your computer against potential threats, its frequent pop-ups can be disruptive and annoying.

But don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will show you how to manage and stop Avast pop-ups while ensuring your computer stays protected.

Stopping Avast Pop Ups

Causes of Frequent Avast Pop-Ups

Avast pop-ups typically serve to notify users of potential security threats, software updates, and promotional offers. However, these pop-ups can become intrusive due to a few key reasons:

Avast Settings: By default, Avast is programmed to display frequent notifications and promotional pop-ups to keep the user engaged and informed.

Free Version of Avast: Users of the free Avast antivirus often experience more pop-ups, as these are used to promote premium services.

Avast Updates: Sometimes, after an update, Avast might reset your previous settings, leading to more frequent notifications.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Stop Avast Pop-Ups

Here are practical solutions to effectively control and stop Avast pop-ups:

Solution 1: Adjust Avast Notification Settings

Step 1: Open Avast on your computer.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Menu’ in the top right corner, then click on ‘Settings.’

Step 3: In the ‘Settings’ tab, select ‘General,’ then ‘Notifications.’

Step 4: Here, you can untick the boxes for the types of pop-ups you want to stop, such as ‘Show Avast offers for other products,’ or ‘Show notification box after automatic update.’

Step 5: After making the changes, click ‘OK’ to save the settings.

Solution 2: Control Pop-Ups in Silent/Gaming Mode

If you want to stop all Avast pop-ups temporarily, you can use the Silent/Gaming Mode:

Step 1: Open Avast and navigate to ‘Menu,’ then ‘Settings.’

Step 2: Click on ‘General,’ then ‘Silent Mode.’

Step 3: Tick the ‘Enable Silent Mode’ box.

Step 4: This will stop all Avast notifications and pop-ups until you disable Silent Mode.

Solution 3: Upgrade to Avast Premium

If you’re using the free version of Avast and don’t mind spending some money, upgrading to Avast Premium can reduce the number of pop-ups, especially those promoting premium services:

Step 1: Open Avast and go to the ‘Upgrade’ option.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to purchase and install Avast Premium.

Step 3: After upgrading, most of the promotional pop-ups should stop.


Avast pop-ups, while well-intentioned, can sometimes interfere with your computing experience. Thankfully, with a few setting adjustments or an upgrade, you can control and stop these pop-ups to suit your preferences.

Remember, while it’s important to keep pop-ups in check, ensuring your computer’s security should always be the priority. With these steps, you can strike a balance between maintaining a secure system and enjoying an uninterrupted user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Q1: Does disabling Avast pop-ups compromise my computer’s security?

A: No, disabling Avast pop-ups doesn’t affect the antivirus’ core functionality. It continues to protect your computer, but you won’t get regular notifications.

Q2: Will Avast still update automatically if I stop the pop-up notifications?

A: Yes, Avast will continue to update automatically even if you stop pop-up notifications. However, you won’t be notified of these updates.

Q3: Does the Silent/Gaming Mode affect Avast’s performance?

A: No, the Silent/Gaming Mode doesn’t affect Avast’s performance. It only stops pop-up notifications and messages temporarily.

Q4: Will upgrading to Avast Premium completely stop all pop-ups?

A: Upgrading to Avast Premium significantly reduces the number of pop-ups, especially those promoting premium services. However, you may still receive important security notifications.

Q5: Can I choose which pop-ups to disable in Avast settings?

A: Yes, Avast allows you to choose which types of notifications to disable. You can choose to disable promotional pop-ups but keep important security alerts, for instance.


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