How To Fix “Nintendo Switch Wont Turn on” Issue

Nintendo Switch Wont Turn on

The Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the gaming world with its unique hybrid design and an incredible roster of games. But like any electronic device, it isn’t immune to technical difficulties. One such issue that users frequently encounter is the console refusing to power on.

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in diagnosing and resolving this issue, ensuring you can get back to your gaming adventures as quickly as possible.

Nintendo Switch Wont Turn on

What is Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On Error

Nintendo Switch not turning on is a fairly common issue reported by many users. In such scenarios, the console gives no response to the power button or any other input.

Several factors can contribute to this issue, such as a fully drained battery, a faulty charging cord, or more complex system errors.

Now, let’s dive into each of these causes and explore the respective solutions in a step-by-step manner.

Solutions to Fix a Non-Responsive Nintendo Switch

With the underlying problem pinpointed, it’s time to take a proactive approach to resolve this hiccup. Here are the step-by-step solutions that have been proven effective in restoring your Nintendo Switch’s functionality:

1. Check for Charging Cord Problems

Sometimes, the issue is not with your Switch but the charger. A faulty power adapter or charging cord can prevent your Switch from turning on.

Step 1: Disconnect your Nintendo Switch from the charging cord.

Step 2: Try using the same charger to charge another device. This can help you confirm if the problem lies with the charger or the console itself.

Step 3: If your charger is indeed faulty, consider purchasing a replacement from a reputable retailer to ensure compatibility and avoid potential damage to your Nintendo Switch.

2. Fully Charge Your Nintendo Switch

A completely drained battery could be another reason your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on.

Step 1: Connect your Nintendo Switch to its charger.

Step 2: Let it charge uninterrupted for at least an hour. This allows the battery to regain enough power to boot up the system.

Step 3: After an hour, try turning on the console.

3. Perform a Force Restart

If the system has crashed or frozen, forcing a restart may resolve the issue.

Step 1: Hold down the power button on your Nintendo Switch for about 15 seconds until the console turns off.

Step 2: Wait for a few seconds.

Step 3: Press the power button again to turn it back on.

4. Perform a Hard Reset

A hard reset or a factory reset should only be considered as a last resort. It can potentially fix system errors but could also erase all data on your console.

Step 1: Make sure your Nintendo Switch is entirely off.

Step 2: Hold down both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on your console.

Step 3: While continuing to hold the volume buttons, press the Power button. Your console should boot up in Maintenance Mode.

Step 4: In the Maintenance Mode menu, select the option “Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data.”


A Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on can certainly put a damper on your gaming time, but these troubleshooting steps should effectively resolve the problem. Remember, always handle your console with care and ensure it’s sufficiently charged to avoid power-related issues.


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