What is “Elara App” Issue

Elara App

The Elara app is a software component that comes pre-installed with Dell, Acer, Asus, and other Windows laptops.

This seemingly inconspicuous app has been under the radar due to the error message that pops up when trying to shut down or restart the system: “Elara App is Preventing Shutdown”.

While it’s a critical element in the functioning of Windows systems, this unexpected glitch can be concerning.

Elara App

What is the Elara App?

Elara is an application responsible for the smooth running of touchpad functionality on your Windows laptop.

It is tied to the ApntEX.exe process, a component of the ALPS Touchpad driver, which ensures the touchpad works correctly with different laptop models.

Elara isn’t typically visible to the user unless it’s causing the shutdown delay issue.

Why Does Elara App Prevent Windows from Shutting Down?

The issue often arises due to a delay in Elara’s response while Windows is trying to shut down. The operating system sends a signal to all active applications to terminate their processes during a shutdown.

If an application doesn’t respond promptly – as is sometimes the case with Elara – Windows flags it as preventing the shutdown.

Another reason might be outdated drivers. If you haven’t updated your touchpad drivers in a while, it might be time to do so, as this can lead to the Elara issue.

Can the Elara App be Disabled?

While it’s possible to end the Elara app’s process or even uninstall it, doing so is not recommended. As a crucial component of your touchpad driver, disabling or uninstalling the Elara app can lead to touchpad malfunctions.

How to Temporarily End Elara App Task?

If the Elara app is causing shutdown delays, you can manually end its task in the Task Manager. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously to open Task Manager.

Step 2: In the ‘Processes’ tab, look for ‘ApntEX.exe’ or ‘Elara’.

Step 3: Right-click on it and select ‘End Task’.

Step 4: Try to shut down your laptop again.

This is a temporary fix. If the issue persists, updating your touchpad drivers may provide a more permanent solution.

Updating Touchpad Drivers

Keeping your touchpad drivers up-to-date can help in resolving the Elara app issue. You can update your drivers by following these steps:

Step 1: Press Win + X and select ‘Device Manager’.

Step 2: Expand ‘Mice and other pointing devices’.

Step 3: Right-click on your touchpad driver and select ‘Update driver’.

Step 4: Choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and follow the instructions.


While the Elara app preventing shutdown can be a frustrating experience, understanding its functionality and importance can help manage the issue effectively.

Always remember to keep your system drivers up-to-date, and only attempt to disable crucial components like Elara if you are comfortable with potential hardware functionality changes.


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