15 Best Alternatives to GoMovies 2023


Hello! Guys, As you see the lockdown comes again and many of you are going to bore in this time. If you don’t want to be bored then read this article till the end. I am sure you get to know about many sites through which you will be enjoying the lockdown period. So Take a dive in. Movies and web series are the best options to chill. But there are a lot of websites for watching movies, and it is difficult to choose the right site for streaming. I know you also struggle with that. Therefore we come out with the best and reliable options for streaming.

What is GoMovies?

GoMovies is just a platform that allows users to stream online for free. On this site, you can watch many movies free of cost, as they have a vast collection of movies. You can enjoy online movies without any trouble, And of course in HD quality. The interface of this site is user-friendly which makes it accessible for novices. Here you found movies, TV shows, and web series to stream online in different languages along with downloading options. You can enjoy and access all the content of this site without any registration. With all these features, it always tops the list of online movie streaming websites. Like everything has some pro’s and con’s, GoMovies has some legal issue that is in some countries it is banned. Due to which many movie lovers search for other alternates in place of GoMovies.

15 Best Websites to Substitute GoMovies

We always thought for our readers first, that’s why we come up with the Best alternatives for you to stream online movies. So here we have provided you with the 15 best websites to substitute GoMovies. Have a look on them.

1. Openload Free TV 

This site gives you the best streaming experience with the latest movies and shows. It provides a vast range of movies, web series, and TV shows. Here you can access all the content freely and you don’t need to do registration also. The exciting part of it is, here you get the Netflix content at free cost. So, if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, then go to this site. All the movies and TV shows are provided with ratings and story outlines.

This site is designed systematically that it can be easy to use for the novice. Movies and TV shows of various categories are within easy reach to all. Due to these features, it becomes a well-known site among all users. With the additional feature i.e. News Feed, you get the latest updates of movies, celebrities, and so on.

2. Putlocker

This site is good for the one who wants to save time searching for favorite movies on the internet. Here you get the movies in proper sequence and order. On this site, people can watch movies according to their genre and interest. All the movies with subtitles, give this site more crowd and users.

Along with all these, you also get more information’s about the movie like rating, story, etc. that is important for movie lovers to know before they going to watch the movie. So use it comfortably at your home on any device but, make sure you have good quality internet.

3. Movie4K

It is considered to be the best site for movie buffs. As the content presented on this site is especially focuses on movies. If you are interested only in movies then it is the best platform for you. Streaming movies through this platform is absolutely exciting. It has a user-friendly interface along with a well-organized homepage.

On the homepage, the latest movies come up first with IMDB ratings. To get detailed information about the movies, you just need to move your cursor over the title. Here you can categories your movies according to the genre, year of release, and quality also. However, this site has not been accessible in some countries such as Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Despite this, It has good streaming speed with great content.

4. FMovies

It is quite an easy to access and user-friendly site. You get a great experience of online streaming. Here, you don’t face any server issues, as it runs very smoothly. Like, many movie websites it also has categorized content based on genre, release year, and popularity. This feature was found to be helpful for users because it saves their time and unnecessary hoping on site. It is a fully free site that allows users to watch free movies and TV shows.

Top-rated movies come in a list along with their IMDB rating, which helps the user to select the favorite movie. The content provided by this site is completely legal. So, use it without any worry of security and privacy.

5. 123Movies

It is to be considered as the best alternative to GoMovies. You can find lots of similarities in both of these sites. All the content provided by this site is convenient and accessible for users. The front end of the site is well organized and quite decent. It is the right place for you if you want to watch movies or shows offline. With downloading facility, it gives you this opportunity.

To access it you just go through the site and then do a simple sign-in. After that, you can access all the content according to your interest. All the latest movies and shows coming up at the top of the list. It also gives the latest updates that are the additional feature, makes it more popular.

6. AZMovies

It is another site to enjoy movies online. With its features, it gains popularity among many users. This site provides the latest released movies and shows for its users. The amazing is you can access all the content for free. And also it is a legal site hence, you can use it without any worry of security and other issues.

Here you get the list of all popular movies that save your time and energy from unnecessary surfing on the internet. Enjoy watching movies and shows through this site without interruption. Although, many websites have all features like it if you are the kind of person who wants to explore more than, I recommend you this site. You get the best streaming experience here…

7. YesMovies

If you are a person who watches movies directly online without thought of downloading, then this site is for you dear. As this site doesn’t provides you downloading facility so don’t use it for this purpose. Out of this issue, it is a good alternative to GoMovies. It is similar to GoMovies in all features except downloading. So take a look at this site also.

8. Viooz

With a huge collection of movies, it becomes popular among all users. This site gives you an amazing streaming experience with its huge online content. It provides a wide range of movies and TV shows of various genres like action, thriller, comedy, adventure, and many more. Well, they regularly update their content hence, you get all the latest movies and shows. The interface is quite simple and handy, that anyone can access the site. Good quality content and High-resolution movies enhance the experience of all movie buffs. And all of this you get here. So try this site.

9. MovieNinja

You can use this site also has the best alternative with lots of features. Well, you don’t require to do registration, as you can easily access the content. But, you may deprive of some benefits that only for “ninja” i.e. a registered person. Being a “ ninja” you will be able to add content to the watchlist as well as keep the browsing history also. It provides you recommendations as per your browsing history. This would be helpful for you as you don’t need to do a lot of forage. So, I found it the best streaming website with effective features.

10. OakMovies

I found this site as the best alternative. As the interface is simple and user-friendly that will be the beneficial side of this website. If you are a new user, you don’t need to take any tension and use it freely. They provide all kinds of entertaining stuff like movies, shows, series, etc. You also get the IMDB rating so that will also help you in selecting the best one. If you want to enjoy streaming conveniently, then it is for you guys. Less number of Ads, also give it a positive review for movie buffs.

11. iOMovies

iOMovies has a large collection of various kinds of movies and series. You get a variety of genres and categories here. All the content provided on this site is legal and of good quality. Downloading feature attracts more users to this site. The interface is quite decent. So, enjoy watching movies and shows on this site freely.

12. Vidics

Vidics is another option for online movie streaming. As you go to the site, you found it very well organized with a vast collection of movies and web series. The content presented on this site is not available in different languages, it is a disadvantage of this site. Otherwise, it has many features that give you an amazing online streaming experience.

Here, you not only enjoy movies and TV shows but also the latest amusing updates related to the cinema world. Through this site, you can feel updated on the entertainment world. We find it as a perfect site for movies and TV shows in one place.

13. Popcornflix

We all eat popcorn at the cinema when we watching movies. Now people enjoy this snack at home while watching movies in their comfort zone. So, why are you waiting?  Enjoy your popcorns with Popcornflix. It is a website for streaming movies and TV shows in HD.

Like other websites, it is also the best alternative for users. You can select movies and shows according to genre and release year, as you get these options here. You can also get the detail by just clicking on the thumbnail poster.  So, continue your binge-watching.

14. MovieWatcher

You can consider it as a good option for streaming in place of GoMovies. This site is also available with a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and series as well. It provides an ads-free watching experience. All the content is available in good quality. All its features are amazing but you need to create an account on this site. Only a simple registration gives you free access opportunity. Hence, it is the best option for users who want to watch online movies.

15. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular online video platform with billions of users around 2 billion users at present. It provides various kinds of video content. It is not restricted to specific content that is the difference you will see on YouTube and other sites. The content available on this platform is such as Entertainment, Music, Movies, Sports, Education, News, and so on. Not all the content on YouTube needs to be available for free, some of the content is paid. But, most of the videos, movies are freely accessible.

It also provides you a premium facility for various content. You can also buy or rent movies of your choice on it. Now a time, many YouTubers create videos on different and unique content. Those videos are freely accessible. It is best for online movie streaming, but for TV shows it is not that much popular. For all movie lovers, it is the best streaming site.


Well, we hope you get enough information from this article to choose the right site for streaming. Although watching movies and TV shows is an enjoyable thing. But, it is to be difficult to choose the right site for it. We know that therefore we come up with this article will help you. So, try out any one of the sites from the given list of the 15 best sites for streaming in place of GoMovies.


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