How To Fix “Nexus 7 Won’t Charge” Issue

Nexus 7 Won't Charge

Dealing with a Nexus 7 that refuses to charge can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you need your tablet for essential tasks. If you’re searching for answers to the ‘Nexus 7 won’t charge’ problem, you’re in the right place.

This detailed guide covers why you might be experiencing this problem and provides step-by-step solutions to get your Nexus 7 back in action.

Nexus 7 Won't Charge

Causes of Why Isn’t My Nexus 7 Charging¬†

Several reasons could lead to your Nexus 7 not charging:

Faulty Charger or Cable: The most common cause of charging issues is a faulty charger or cable. Over time, cables can wear out or get damaged, causing charging problems.

Software Issues: Occasionally, the issue might be with the device’s software. Some software bugs can prevent the device from charging.

Dirt in Charging Port: The accumulation of dust or dirt in the charging port can obstruct the charging process.

Battery Issues: Batteries deteriorate with age, and an old or defective battery may not hold a charge as it should.

Hardware Issues: Lastly, the problem could be due to internal hardware issues. The charging port itself may be damaged or loose.

Solutions to Fix Why Isn’t My Nexus 7 Charging¬†

Now that we know the potential causes let’s delve into the solutions. Remember to try these fixes in the order presented as they go from the simplest to the more complex.

Solution 1: Inspect Your Charging Equipment

Step 1: Check your charger and cable for any signs of damage.

Step 2: Try using a different charger and cable that you know are working correctly.

Solution 2: Clean the Charging Port

Step 1: Turn off your Nexus 7.

Step 2: Use a small, soft brush (like a toothbrush) to gently clean the charging port.

Solution 3: Perform a Soft Reset

Step 1: Press and hold the power button for around 15 seconds.

Step 2: Wait for the device to vibrate and restart.

Solution 4: Update Your Software

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Tap ‘About tablet’.

Step 3: Tap ‘System updates’.

Step 4: If an update is available, tap ‘Download’ or ‘Yes’ to install it.

Solution 5: Get Professional Help

If none of the above solutions work, it’s best to get your device checked by a professional. You may have a hardware issue that needs repair.


Facing a ‘Nexus 7 won’t charge’ issue can be nerve-wracking, but this comprehensive guide should help you navigate this problem and find a solution. Remember, if all else fails, contacting a professional for further assistance is the safest bet.

Q: I’ve tried all these solutions, but my Nexus 7 still won’t charge. What should I do?

A: If you’ve tried all the steps and your Nexus 7 is still not charging, it’s best to consult a professional technician or contact the manufacturer’s support service for further assistance.

Q: Can I replace the Nexus 7 battery myself?

A: While it’s technically possible to replace the Nexus 7 battery yourself, it’s not recommended unless you’re comfortable with electronics and are aware of the risks involved. Improper handling can cause further damage to the device.

Q: How can I preserve the battery life of my Nexus 7?

A: There are several ways to prolong the battery life of your Nexus 7. Lowering screen brightness, closing unused applications, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use, and regularly updating your device’s software can help extend battery life.

Q: How long should a Nexus 7 battery last on a full charge?

A: The exact duration varies based on your usage, but with moderate use, a fully charged Nexus 7 should last for around 9 to 10 hours.

Q: Is it bad to use my Nexus 7 while it’s charging?

A: Using your device while it’s charging can generate heat, which isn’t good for the battery in the long term. If possible, avoid heavy usage while the device is charging.


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