Minecraft Server Cant Keep Up

Minecraft Server Cant Keep Up

Minecraft servers can occasionally become overwhelmed, causing the dreaded “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error message. This issue might hamper your gameplay and lead to a less-than-stellar Minecraft experience.

This article dives into what causes this error and provides comprehensive, step-by-step solutions to get your Minecraft server back on track.

Minecraft Server Cant Keep Up

Causes of Minecraft Server Can’t Keep Up

The “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error usually arises due to several factors:

Insufficient Server Resources: The server might be lacking adequate resources such as CPU power, RAM, or storage space to operate optimally.

High Player Numbers: An influx of players can overload the server, causing it to lag.

Plugin/Mod Issues: Some mods or plugins can be resource-intensive, affecting server performance.

Network Issues: Poor internet connection can affect server responsiveness, leading to the error message.

Solutions to Fix Minecraft Server Can’t Keep Up

Follow the solutions mentioned below to fix the issue:

Solution 1. Increase Server Resources

If the server resources are inadequate, consider upgrading them:

Step 1: Increase the allocated RAM for the Minecraft server in the server launch script.

Step 2: Upgrade your server’s CPU or opt for a higher-tier server hosting package.

Step 3: Confirm if the error persists.

Solution 2. Limit Player Numbers

To limit player numbers:

Step 1: Go to the server.properties file in your Minecraft server directory.

Step 2: Look for the max-players option and adjust the number to a manageable amount.

Step 3: Save the changes and restart your server to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3. Check Plugins/Mods

Overhauling plugins or mods can improve server performance:

Step 1: Identify any resource-intensive mods or plugins.

Step 2: Disable them temporarily to see if the server performance improves.

Step 3: If the server runs smoothly, consider seeking less resource-intensive alternatives for those mods or plugins.

Solution 4. Improve Network Connection

If the error is due to a poor network connection, you can:

Step 1: Check your internet connection for stability and speed.

Step 2: Use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi, if possible.

Step 3: Opt for a server location closer to the majority of the players to improve latency.


The “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error can be a major roadblock to a smooth Minecraft gaming experience, but with these troubleshooting steps, you can efficiently address the issue.

By appropriately allocating server resources, managing player numbers, checking plugins or mods, and improving the network connection, you can significantly enhance your server’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out these frequently asked questions:

1. What does the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error in Minecraft mean?

This error means that your Minecraft server is struggling to keep up with the demands placed on it, leading to lagging or slow gameplay.

2. How can I fix the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error?

You can fix this error by increasing server resources, limiting the number of players, checking for resource-intensive plugins or mods, and improving your network connection.

3. Can adding more RAM to my Minecraft server solve the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error?

Yes, increasing the amount of RAM allocated to your Minecraft server can potentially solve this problem, as it provides more resources for the server to handle gameplay.

4. Can too many players cause the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error?

Yes, if too many players are connected to your Minecraft server, it can overload the server and cause this error. You can manage this by limiting the number of players who can connect to the server at a time.

5. How do mods and plugins affect my Minecraft server?

Some mods and plugins can be resource-intensive, putting additional strain on the server, which can lead to the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error. It’s recommended to use mods and plugins that are compatible with your server’s resources.

6. What role does my network connection play in the “Can’t Keep Up! Is the Server Overloaded” error?

A poor or unstable network connection can lead to increased latency, which can cause this error. A stable, high-speed internet connection, ideally through Ethernet, is recommended for running a Minecraft server.


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