How To Enable “Messenger Vanish Mode”

Messenger Vanish Mode

If you’re an avid user of Facebook Messenger, you might have heard about its ‘Vanish Mode’. This feature introduces a new level of privacy to your chats but how does it work? Let’s dive into the details.

Messenger Vanish Mode

Vanish Mode: The Invisible Chat

Vanish Mode is a special feature that makes your messages disappear after they’ve been seen or when the chat is closed. It provides a layer of privacy, making your conversations more spontaneous and fluid, akin to a face-to-face interaction.

Understanding the Difference: Messenger’s Secret Mode vs Vanish Mode

While both Secret and Vanish modes focus on privacy, they function differently. Secret conversations are end-to-end encrypted chats where you can set a timer for when messages disappear.

However, Vanish mode is more ephemeral. Once messages are seen or the chat window is closed, the messages are gone, leaving no trace.

What Types of Messages are Supported in Vanish Mode?

Almost all types of messages are supported in Vanish Mode. These include text, photos, voice messages, stickers, videos, and emojis. It allows for a wide array of communication while still maintaining the privacy that Vanish Mode offers.

Chat Types that Support Vanish Mode

Currently, Vanish Mode is only available for individual chats. Group chats don’t yet support this feature. This limitation maintains the simplicity of the mode and ensures the immediate privacy of individual interactions.

Vanish Mode’s Report Feature

Just because messages disappear doesn’t mean users can’t report inappropriate behavior. You can report a conversation within an hour of the messages being sent. Facebook will then review the reported conversation, offering a layer of security.

Message Retention in Vanish Mode

Unlike regular or secret mode, messages in Vanish Mode aren’t stored. As soon as they’re seen or the chat window is closed, they vanish. This feature reinforces the spontaneous, temporary nature of conversations in Vanish Mode.

Screenshots in Vanish Mode

To maintain privacy, if a screenshot is taken in Vanish Mode, the other person in the conversation will be notified. This notification discourages users from capturing temporary information without consent.

Transitioning from Regular Chats to Vanish Mode

You can easily switch between regular chat and Vanish Mode. However, the chat history from the regular mode will not be visible in Vanish Mode, and vice versa, maintaining the separation of the two experiences.

Enabling and Disabling Vanish Mode on iOS and Android

To enable Vanish Mode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a chat in Messenger.

Step 2: Swipe up on your mobile device within the chat.

Step 3: A screen will appear explaining Vanish Mode. Tap on ‘Turn On’.

To disable Vanish Mode:

  1. Within the chat, swipe up again.
  2. You will be returned to the regular chat mode, and the Vanish Mode messages will disappear.

Disabling Vanish Mode After Closing the Chat

Even if you close the chat while in Vanish Mode, when you return, you will still be in Vanish Mode. To disable it, follow the same steps as above.


Vanish Mode in Messenger is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to have private, spontaneous, and fluid conversations.

With disappearing messages, screenshot notifications, and easy toggling, it introduces a new way to chat while ensuring your privacy is respected. Embrace the vanishing act and make the most out of your Messenger experience!


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