Best Kickass Torrents Alternative In 2023


From the beginning, Kickass has been a household name in the world of torrent websites. It is well-known for providing a large number of torrent files and magnet links to its users, facilitating P2P file sharing via BitTorrent protocols.

Since its inception, Kickass has had a large user base. However, the US government shut it down due to legal difficulties. Efforts to renew it have been undertaken, but they have all been in vain.


Kickass had established itself as a one-stop shop for downloading movies, games, TV shows, and software, among other things. Many other torrenting websites have sprung up since Kickass’ ban, however most of them fall short of Kickass’ standards.

But don’t worry, as we always do, we’re here to help you solve your problem of finding reliable torrenting websites.

Alternatives to Kickass Torrents

This article lists some of the best Kickass alternatives that allow you to download and upload your favourite content in the same way that Kickass does.

1. The Pirate Bay 

The pirate bay, which comes top on the list, has the largest directory of torrents and magnetic connections. It’s an old player in the torrenting world, having existed long before any other alternatives.

It provides users with access to a massive torrent database that includes TV series, movies, videos, audios, software, games, and much more.

This hasn’t been an easy run for the Pirates Bay, which has a monthly viewership of around 193.2 million people. It has had to deal with numerous legal obstacles, but it has persevered. It allows for free downloads, but you can register to have access to more features.


RARBG was created in 2008, but was sadly taken down in numerous countries that same year for a week. It also has a large database of the most recent torrenting files and magnet links.

Many countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and others, have outlawed its use. It has the unique capability of providing video content in a variety of areas.

Its user-friendly interface attracts consumers and ensures a large user base. It allows users to download nearly all of the stuff available on the internet. You can sign up for it to gain access to more features. Using a torrent VPN, the site can be easily accessed in restricted areas.

3. Download Limetorrent

Another fantastic Kickass option is Lime Torrent. It has a large number of torrenting files from various categories that cater to the needs of various user groups.

It also provides magnet links, although there is a stringent policy in place. It features an extremely user-friendly interface, as seen by the 11.9 million monthly users.

The service lets users to download a wide range of torrents, including movies, software, and much more. Registration is not required to view the site, but it can be done to gain access to more services.

This site has shown to be a wonderful alternative to Kickass, and it has been a popular choice among users since Kickass was shut down.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle is ranked third on this list, with over three million confirmed torrents in its database. It provides a vast range of downloadable torrents to its users, including movies, TV series, videogames, documentaries, comics, audiobooks, software, and much more.

Torrenting files of all varieties, both new and old, are easily accessible here. It is today one of the most popular websites and serves as a viable alternative to Kickass.

Although it offers a user interface that is simple to navigate, the layout is drab and unappealing, causing the user to lose interest. Its content is available for free download without the need to register.

5. Tor Lock 

Tor lock is another well-known torrenting name that has it all. It’s a fantastic torrenting service that allows users to rapidly search and download their favourite torrent files.

Torrents can be found in a variety of areas, including movies, software, books, music, and more. It has 5.9 million monthly users and is most popular in India. This site’s user interface is simple and intuitive, making it ideal for novices.

The primary issue with this site is the large quantity of explicit advertisements, which can cause download delays. For many users, it can be an annoyance. Overall, if you’re looking for Kickass alternatives, it’s one of the greatest options.


Idope is a potential torrenting website that serves as a one-stop shop for all torrenting enthusiasts. Its unique feature is its simple but appealing user interface, which allows users to quickly download the torrents they require.

You may search for and download anything, including games, movies, and software. It also provides a list of torrent uploads from various categories to its customers.

Anything on the site can be downloaded without having to register or join up. Check IDOPE for whatever you’re looking for; there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.

7. Monova

Monova, the sixth option on this list, is another strong contender for a great alternative. It, like the rest of the list, has a large directory of torrent files and magnet links.

Although this site has the most up-to-date torrent files, users can only use it fully after registering. It also has a search option to help users find the content they want quickly.

Downloads are available in a variety of formats, including video, audio, books, games, and software. It provides users with the most recent and popular torrents. Although the site has a user-friendly interface, it is not your average torrenting website.

8. 1337x

1337x has unquestionably earned a spot among the top kickass alternatives. This site earns its spot on the list because to its abundance of torrent files and magnet connections.

1337x provides torrents for the most recent content. The collection of easily accessible torrents includes movies, television shows, games, anime, apps, and documentaries.

Registration is required to use this website’s torrenting services. It provides its customers with a conveniently accessible environment, making it a popular choice, as seen by its monthly userbase of 85.7 million.

The site’s servers go down from time to time, which can create a lot of problems, and the site is also blocked in many parts of the world, making it impossible to access.

9. Demonoid

Demonoid, the tenth name on the list, is an excellent torrenting website. It has a large database of torrents and magnet links. Torrents of all kinds, including movies, software, and documentaries, can be found here.

To download their preferred torrent files, users can utilise any BitTorrent client. The website’s design is a little archaic, but the content it gives to its visitors is of high quality.

Here you’ll find all of the most popular and recent torrents. To access the torrents on this site, there is no need to sign up or register.

10. Vuze

Vuze, last but not least, is a fantastic kickass alternative. It’s essentially a BitTorrent client that allows users to send files over BitTorrent protocols. Vuze is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including MacOS, Android, and Windows.

Vuze primarily provides downloadable torrents for video content such as movies and television series. The video quality is still fantastic. There is no way to sign up or log in.

Vuze is a fantastic service for anyone who enjoys movies and television series. So, the next time you’re looking for a movie, you can look it up on Vuze.


The finest badass alternatives are summarised in this article. Although these sites may be taken down for a variety of reasons in the future, they are all operational at this time. So, the next time you wish to browse a torrenting site, seek for these alternatives; they will undoubtedly come in handy.


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