9 Best Free Proxy Servers


When you visit a website that isn’t well-protected, hackers and advertising can see your location and device. This information is sufficient to bombard you with advertisements and obstruct your browsing experience.

When a proxy is used, data is filtered and the proxy also acts as an intermediary. The connection is not secure if you do not have an intermediary in your possession.

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Free Proxy?

Although there are certain drawbacks to using a free web proxy, it is still a viable alternative for those who need to remain anonymous for a limited length of time.


Proxy’s Advantages

Extra features should not be considered while selecting a web proxy. Proxy has limitations that are inconvenient. The number of cookies encrypted each month is very small or non-existent.

Blocking may or may not keep you safe, but it will make browsing and viewing more difficult. There is traffic, and security is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This proxy does not provide protection from hackers.

Best Proxy Servers for Free

Some of the greatest free proxy services are listed here. It was chosen based on the feedback it received and the results of tests.

1. Hidester

Hidester is noted for its dependability. However, because the proxy is new, the reputation will be untrustworthy. It’s still a fantastic alternative. It is hosted on its own servers in the United States and Europe. Guarding is quite safe and dependable.

Although it is dedicated to user security, paid customers have access to hundreds of other servers. Hidester has a large number of tools in its arsenal. There’s also a password generator and a DNS test. All of these technologies can be extremely useful in maintaining security.

2. Hide.me

This is a realistic choice that is regarded as one of the best, but its capabilities are limited. Hide.me does not support a number of streaming platforms, including YouTube.

It has approximately 1,700 places where users’ IP addresses can be hidden. There is also an extra encryption that ensures the URL will vanish after a certain amount of time in the browser.

The proxy does not save information, and your information’s confidentiality will not be jeopardised by hackers. People require more security than internet entertainment, thus this proxy is unquestionably beneficial.

Apart from its proxy servers, Hide.me provides complete VPN access. This proxy has the ability to disable all cookies and scripts.

3. HMA

This proxy gives the option of giving you access to a server or allowing you to choose from 1,070 servers. Because it only has a small number of servers, the coverage it provides is good. This proxy allows you to connect with three options: encrypting URLs, disabling cookies, and deleting scripts.

4. KProxy

It is a popular proxy server that is also free. In comparison to the other items on the list, it has a high user rating. KProxy offers a total of ten servers from which you can choose or swap.

There are no speed constraints, like there are with certain proxies. When it comes to anonymity, KProxy gets high marks. Access to the servers can be obtained via the website or by downloading a browser extension.

5. Hotspot Shield 

Its client uses a VPN connection that is encrypted. The server secures the authentication and protects the user’s privacy. It cannot make a user incognito, but it can certainly mask your IP address.

The servers that are located far away can access the censored information. Hotspot Shield is a product of Pango, a Russian company with offices in Ukraine. Although the software is free, there are some fees for premium features such as no advertisements, antivirus, and access to more servers.

6. VPNBook

The connection is made using an OpenVPN client or a PPTP connection. There is a smaller selection of locations to choose from. The United States, Canada, and Romania are among the available servers.

VPNBook is capable of bypassing some government restrictions. In its bag, it has enhanced protection protocols that provide a great deal of security.

7. proxy4ever

You can choose between two servers here. For the primary selection, there are 10 alternatives, and then there are ten options for the secondary selection.

There are ten different choice variants to choose from. It’s the ideal compromise between security and tethering. Each 4everproxy server offers a connection speed of one gigabyte per second, as well as SSL encryption and cookie blocking.

8. ProxySite

This proxy gives you the option of manually switching between servers. It has a number of servers. There is also the option to automatically select servers from the United States and Europe.

You can also test them one at a time. Because the particular sites aren’t known, the speed can vary. ProxySite is also compatible with YouTube. You may also use the links on the homepage to go to famous sites like Reddit and Twitter.

9. ProxFree

In North America, it consists of seven servers. It also includes four European servers. This web proxy has been used in a variety of countries and has a good level of security. You will be authenticated or digitally transmitted to the server over a secure connection.

It has SSL encryption, which you may turn off with a command. There are checkboxes to remove cookies, page names, and other items. You can also use ProxFree to go to other video streaming services.


These are our top selections for the best proxies available, as well as for users who want to remain anonymous and safeguard user privacy.

A reliable VPN will always be worth its money. Free web proxies are a good solution if you only require it for a short time. Above all, the proxies are free to use, but some may be upgraded, so you can try them out.

Free web proxies are a great way to get started with proxies and learn about the dangers that come with accessing the internet.


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