How To Fix Discord No Route Error


Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform that has become wildly popular. However, many users have been recently complaining of a ‘No Route’ error which is ultimately preventing them from joining a voice server. In this article, we will try and address the situation and find a possible solution to the problem. We have deliberately presented this article in a plain and straightforward way so that people unaccustomed to the technical jargon can fix this issue themselves. Let us now dive straight in and address the issue, breaking down the important details when necessary.

What is causing the Discord No Route error?

Some of the situations which might be causing this problem are –

  1. The assigned IP address to the PC was changed – Can occur with an ever-changing IP address. However, this problem can be easily fixed manually by restarting the devices involved.
  2. Your anti-virus or any other 3rd-party software may be blacklisting Discord – This prevents Discord from connecting to outside servers. The solution has been explained in detail below.
  3. The VPN is being used without UDP (User Datagram Protocol) – Unfortunately, the developers of Discord do not allow this and it’s just the way the platform was made.
  4. Your network admin has blocked Discord – Users typically face this issue while trying to access Discord from their workplace or institution.
  5. The Server’s voice region is incompatible with the client (when you try to connect to a server hosted on a different continent) – This issue is common when you are trying to connect to servers across different continents. The solution has been explained in detail below.
  6. QoS (Quality of Service High Packet Priority) is incompatible with your server – Happens due to your server being incompatible with certain settings. You can fix this problem easily and without spending too much time.

How to Fix the No Route Error on Discord

Before learning about the causes and trying out the solutions, we recommend you switch your internet connection to a private one. This error is very annoying to anyone who is trying to enjoy a smooth Discord experience. Let us now go through the 7 probable solutions to fix this problem once and for all.

Method 1 – Restart Modem/Router and Computer

This error is commonly encountered when the normal IPV6 connection is interrupted by an ever-changing IP address. If you are convinced that this is a temporary problem then you can restart your PC and check however we think that it would be better if you tried that with your router or modem instead. Try and unplug the router from the mains and switch it back on. This might work in some cases. Start up your PC after you have manually restarted your router and check if the No Route problem has been solved.

Method 2 – Uninstall 3rd Party Firewall or Whitelist Discord (If applicable)

A hypersensitive antivirus or 3rd party firewall might be another probable cause behind this nuisance. Disabling this software and trying to launch Discord might be problematic. Not only can it compromise the safety of your system but also can be inconclusive despite the risk involved. However, this method can be possible if you put in a little extra effort by uninstalling the antivirus altogether. Here is how you can do it safely –

Step 1 – Tap Windows + R to open up the dialogue box and type “appwiz.cpl”. Tap enter to go to Programs and Settings.

Step 2 – Once inside, browse and pin-point your 3rd party security solution. Proceed to uninstall it after right-clicking on it.

Step 3 – You will be provided detailed instructions as to how you can disable the firewall. Follow the protocol step-by-step.

Step 4 – Make sure you delete every remnant file of the third-party firewall.

Step 5 – Restart your computer and run Discord. If the problem still persists then try our other solutions.

Method 3 – Remove your VPN or Use One With UDP (If applicable)

Many users have reported that their error had been fixed after they had enabled a VPN that uses UDP than any other VPN. The problem arises when a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is not meant to use UDP (User Device Protocol) is used. This is because the Discord interface is not designed to use such a private connection.

The best way to solve this issue is by simply contacting your Internet Service Provider and getting some information regarding UDP. Other than that, you can try disabling the VPN and connecting Discord to a different server. Had your VPN been the issue then after running Discord with the VPN disabled would have it solved.

There are two other ways to deal with this error if your VPN is the issue –

1. By opting for a different VPN provider.

2. By keeping the ‘anonymous’ mode turned off while using the Discord platform.

Proceed to try the other methods if this did not work out for you.

Method 4 – Verify whether Discord is blocked by your Network Admin

Professional servers most likely do not allow access to Discord. Hence, if you are trying to open Discord from your workplace or institute, you are most likely to end up failing. However, some changes to the network might let you surpass this error and interact with other servers. This is how you can manage to do it –

Step 1 – Tap Windows + R to open up the dialogue box and type “Control”. Press Enter to access the Control Panel.

Step 2 – Once inside, navigate to Network and Sharing through the option of Network and Internet. Click on Connections and reach the Private Network connections. In the next step, go to Properties.

Step 3 – Here, browse to the Networking section and choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and go on to the Properties section again.

Step 4 – Now go to the DNS Server (Domain Name Server) and alter the settings to Use the following server/addresses and set the Preferred DNS value to 8 8 8 8 and the Alternate DNS server value to 8 8 4 4. go on to apply these settings.

Step 5 – Clear all running systems and reboot your PC. After this, connecting to a voice server should be hassle-free.

Method 5 – Change the Server’s Voice Region

If you encounter this problem while trying to connect to an international server then it is because of the different regions of voice servers. You can solve this issue by asking your service provider to set a different voice region. You can manipulate this yourself through Server settings > Server regions. Try the other methods on our list if this short and sweet method was ineffective to you.

Method 6 – Disable QoS from Voice and Video Settings

Disabling QoS from the settings can help you solve the no route error. This happens on computers/systems which cannot support the High Packet Priority Quality of Service. This is how you can quickly disable the QoS to help you in your effort –

Step 1 – Open Discord and go to your account. Click the gear symbol.

Step 2 – Navigate to the App Settings and open the Voice and Video section.

Step 3 – Go to quality of service and go on to disable the quality of Service High Packet Priority.

Step 4 – Shut down Discord and restart your PC. Open Discord again and check if the problem persists. If it does then we hope that the last solution we are providing will work.

Method 7 – Flushing the DNS Settings

The DNS setting can be tweaked a little to solve this error. The command prompt can be effectively used to help out in this matter. Follow these steps word-to-word to reset your IP configuration and do away with the No Route problem.

Step 1 – Tap Windows + R to open up a dialogue box and type “cmd”. Go on to tap Ctrl + Shift and Enter simultaneously to use an elevated command prompt.

Step 2 – In the command prompt that had popped up, type “ipconfig /release” and tap Enter.

Step 3 – Type ipconfig /flushdns to Flush the DNS settings. Go on to apply the settings.

Step 4 – To conclude, type ipconfig /renew to renew the concerned settings.

Step 5 – Reboot your PC and launch Discord. Check if the No Route error is solved.

Note – Disabling your firewall or using an alternative to your current internet connection might be worth a try if all the other solutions have failed for you. Also, try and follow the solutions in order. This will help you stick to the article even more efficiently.


Solving this error can seem very hectic and annoying at first. However, a little patience and diligence are all you would need to overcome this obstacle and enjoy the Discord platform without any unwanted interruption. Your computer would need a lot of restarting and you would need to do some technical tweaks which you might not have done before but you must not fret. These tweaks are all well-known and if you take the necessary precautions and stick to whatever we have said, you should be fine!

Our solutions were short-listed by our technical experts after they tried and tested it for themselves. Moreover, they took a plethora of user reviews under consideration to select the most effective solutions. The best part about the solutions that we have provided is that it does not require you to download or involve any unnecessary third-party application to do the job for you. You can do it all yourself by simply following this lucid and simple article step-by-step.

We hope that our article has helped you solve your error. Go ahead and enjoy the unhindered magic of Discord!


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