Top Alternatives Of CricHD Live Streaming


Sports have long been a part of human life, both playing and watching. With the invention of television, viewing became more easier because people could watch the event from anywhere in the world.

However, because we all know that innovation knows no bounds, furthering our ideas, streaming sports online from anywhere in the world has become a lot easier.

Many websites have been launched that offer free sports streaming; CricHD is one of the most prominent of these, as well as a one-stop shop for all sports fans.


It provides live streaming services for practically all popular games from across the world to its users. Because it provides a free service, the authorities may consider it illegal.

As a result, using a VPN to protect yourself from an unintended incident is recommended. It attracts a large audience as a result of its popularity, making it difficult for those who don’t want even the tiniest distraction.

Top CricHD Live Streaming Alternatives

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best cricHD alternatives with fewer interruptions and more features.

1. Hotstar

In the streaming world, Hot Star is a household name. Along with gaming and sports, it also offers a large selection of movies and TV episodes to watch online.

They provide the well-known sports channel Star Sports, which broadcasts live matches, highlights from past games, and archived matches to its viewers.

The channel is available for free through any television service provider. It’s also available in a variety of languages to accommodate the linguistic diversity of individuals around the world.

2. BBC iPlayer (British Broadcasting Corporation)

BBC iPlayer, the second on the list, is another fantastic streaming service from the world-famous BBC. BBC may be viewed on a variety of devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Although the site does not have a large number of events, those that are available are all free and, more importantly, legal. As a result, users do not need to be concerned about their personal information or any potential problems when using this site.

The site offers a user interface that is simple to use and has a pleasing look. For your next streaming session, this is a must-have.


The official website of Sony Network, Sony Life, is another famous site. They provide their viewers with a sports channel called Sony Six, which broadcasts a wide range of sporting events like as cricket, badminton, and football.

On this platform, sports fans can watch the newest match of their favourite teams. This is a paid channel. There are a variety of plans to choose from.

The amount of ad material and the quality of the videos offered will be determined by your plans. It is a must-try for all sports fans who wish to watch their teams play in high-definition with minimal advertisements.

4. Loala1.TV 

Loala1, the fourth name on the list, is a popular sports entertainment web. It broadcasts live feeds of a variety of sports, including cricket, hockey, handball, tennis, and soccer.

The site is housed on incredibly fast servers, so visitors don’t have to waste time buffering. If the stream happens to be buffering, you can immediately switch servers to avoid any interruptions in your streaming services.

5. SkySports

Sky Sports is another well-known digital sports channel that is broadcast in every part of the globe. It has a large audience because of its amazing features and the variety of sporting events it provides to its fans.

This site covers big cricket events as well as major events from other well-known sports. Due to its philosophy of not compromising on video speed and quality, this has a large user base.

All of the videos are in high-definition, and there is very little buffering. It has a user interface that is simple to navigate, making it incredibly convenient for users.

6. My Cricket Experience

This is the place to be if you are a die-hard cricket fan. My live cricket is a global website dedicated to servicing the needs of cricket fans around the world.

Here you may watch a live stream of all cricket matches from across the world. The site is hosted by four server links, which you can switch between with a single click if one of them fails.

The website is free to use because there are no membership plans offered. For some of their users, the appearance and amount of ad content that make up their business model might be highly irritating.

7. Box for VIPs

The VIP Box offers live streaming of a wide selection of sporting events. This is the only place to go if you are a sports fanatic. The service provides different servers and so links from which you can select the best one for you. The site’s approach is highly responsive.

You can report broken links, and they’ll be replaced with new ones within a few hours of receiving your report. The best aspect of this site is that it blocks adverts and popups, ensuring that visitors are not inconvenienced.


This article will show you some of the best CricHD alternatives. All of these sites are safe, but because they use third-party websites, it is recommended that you use a VPN for enhanced security.

The services are a godsend for all sports lovers, as they allow them to watch their favourite teams’ games live. We’d appreciate it if you chose one of the above options for the next streaming session.


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