7 Best Sites Like Afdah


It’s thrilling to be able to watch movies online for free from anywhere in the world. We now have a plethora of apps that enable us to do the seemingly impossible.

Keeping this in mind, this post discusses some of the greatest applications that provide this service, such as Afdah, as well as other apps that can be used as a substitute to help you watch movies online.

Afdah Alternatives

Afdah is a web scraper that makes its content available to users via internet repositories, rather than holding it in its database.


It has a large number of movies and TV shows that users may watch without having to register. It allows you to sort movies by genres, year, nation, language, and other factors.

It contains a search box that makes finding specific movies easier. You won’t have to look for newly released movies or TV shows because they’re all listed on the homepage.

Select the appropriate movie as well as the server to begin streaming. Some nations have restricted Afdah because it lacks a licence to host movies and so becomes unlawful. Although, for the time being, it is working great in most countries, and if it isn’t, you can use a VPN to unblock it.

7 Alternatives to Afdah

Let’s take a look at some of the other incredible sites that are comparable to Afdah and offer free streaming services to their users:

1. Soap2Day

Soap2day takes the top spot on this wish list. It is one of the most excellent sites for watching movies and TV series for free. It gives you access to a large number of movies online, all of them are free.

You can use this site without having to register or join up. It organises movies into categories such as genre, release date, and IMDB ratings, saving the user time and effort.

On the right-hand side of the page, all of the popular and recommended films are listed separately. So you don’t miss out on anything, the featured films and new releases are listed on the site.

Every movie is identified with the quality it is available in, making it easier for users. For all movie buffs out there, Soap2day is a must-see.

2. Cinebloom

Cinebloom, another wonderful destination for movie buffs, has everything you’d expect from an ideal streaming site. The site has a clean and simple layout that makes it simple to navigate for users.

It, like all the other sites, has a store with hundreds of movies and television shows. This website is open to the public and requires no registration or sign-up. The homepage displays the most recent films, which are classified according to the quality in which they are available.

After you’ve chosen a movie, you’ll be transported to its own website, where you may choose a server and begin streaming. It is advised that you use the UStream server because it has high-definition resolution and no advertising. This is a place that everyone should visit at least once.

3. AZMovies

AZmovies, another well-known streaming service on this list, provides the best viewing experience. Its main concentration is on movies, and it offers all of the current films to its consumers.

This website offers a very user-friendly layout and a fantastic display. The movies are shown on the homepage, and the site also provides a variety of filters for quickly sorting your movie, adding to the convenience of users.

There is no need to register or sign up to watch the movies here. You can watch movies in the same way that you can in Afdah. While streaming here, it is recommended that you use an ad-blocker because this site has a lot of pop-ups that will interrupt your wonderful streaming experience.

4. Moonline

Moon Line, the fourth on the list, is yet another fantastic streaming site. It’s jam-packed with movies and TV shows, making it an excellent pick for cinema buffs.

This site, like the others on the list, is 100% free and does not require registration or sign-up. The site has an easy-to-navigate layout that allows people to effortlessly navigate around it.

The menu option is located at the top of the page, allowing users to explore through several categories. The movies are labelled according to the quality in which they are available.

It’s worth noting that the majority of them are of 720p [standard HD] resolution. It’s something that everyone should try for their next stream.

5. Solar Film

The Solar Movie is one of the most amazing online streaming services you’ll ever come across. Its finest characteristics are its user-friendly interface and appealing layout.

The site keeps its visitors up to date on all of the most recent and popular movies and shows, all of which are of high quality. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, you can sign up for their email list to be informed.

This website, like all the others, does not host any material. It actually makes use of servers to direct you to third-party apps that provide that specific content.

So, while using these third-party apps, it is strongly advised to use an ad blocker to protect yourself from potentially harmful advertisements, as well as an antivirus or VPN to secure your device’s security.

6. XMovies6

XMovies8, the sixth on the list, provides a fantastic streaming experience. With thousands of titles to choose from, you’ll be able to view just about any film you choose.

It has a user interface that is simple to navigate, and its ease of use is comparable to that of Google! All you have to do to have the greatest streaming experience is search for and start the movie you want to watch.

This site also works on mobile devices, which sets it apart from the competition in its field. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can stream on any device.

7. PrimeWire

Last but not least, Prime Wire demonstrates that it is the one-stop shop for all movie buffs. This site, like all the others, offers free streaming services and does not require you to register. Its beautiful thumbnails will undoubtedly draw you in.

The home page displays all of the most recent movie releases, and your fantastic streaming experience is only a click away. The site’s movie selections are also commendable.

The site provides a number of filters to help you find the right video without wasting too much time, enhancing the user’s comfort. You can also use the search bar to look for the title. This is a must-visit website.


This article summarises some of the best online streaming services, including Afdah. Each of these sites has one or two unique qualities in addition to the more or less prevalent traits.

Users can browse through the features to find the finest site out of all of them. Because some sites do not host their content and instead redirect you to a third-party website, it is recommended that you use antivirus software or a VPN to protect your privacy.

It is quite safe to browse these sites if all safety precautions are followed. We hope you’ll give one of our suggestions a try during your next streaming session.


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